humanity ashore pictorial - Priyangani

"Life along the Railway Track" - In Moratuwa

By Dushiyanthini Kanagasabapathipillai

Friday, December 02, 2005

Priyangani, 29: "Life is very difficult,but I have to live".

The paint job takes place on the pavement outside Priyangani's house

Priyangani Perera makes her livelihood by painting iron beds, cupboards, chairs and tables. She is a single mother of eight-year-old Sewanthi. Priyangani lost her husband in 2002. He was hit by a bus in frontof her eyes, and died on the spot. Each day she gets up at 5.30am ,and works until midnight.She earns Rupees10/= for painting a bed.On a good day she can earn Rupees 500/=. Other days she is left with nothing. Her father and aunt are living in the same house. Priyangani has to support the whole family.

Priyangani is a very energetic person; she seldom allows her to take a break

The only way to remove the paint is to wash the hands with kerosene

Priyangani wants her daughter to become a doctor

The work is tough, hot, and heavy.

Although Priyangani has no financial support from her father, he whole-heartedly stands behind her